We genuinely want to help BC business. If your business name is not represented here and you meet our simple BC business criterion (see about us) – then just email us at and we’ll add you to our list – and we will send you a logo package for use on your website and marketing materials.


Help us communicate this program.

  • We are asking BC business to use the Time To Buy BC logo on websites, social media & marketing materials

  • We are asking consumers to check our website and brand websites to look for the Time to Buy BC logo and make informed buying decisions. (We do have a bit more time to check the web these days, right?)


If we take Time To Buy BC now, then we will have a stronger economy when we can all go back to work!

Contact us at


We have used our best knowledge to identify and list BC Companies that meet our Time to Buy BC criteria. (see about us). If we made a mistake, we’d like to know about it and we will correct it, fast.

Please email